Deluxe Astrodome + Hydrafacial $475

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Deluxe Astrodome + Hydrafacial $475

Sale price$100.00 USD
The Astrodome O2 Facial is the first LPE (light pulsed energy) therapy in the world that has NIR (near infrared) and anion plus oxygen mist spraying system. The combination of LPE therapy, NIR, and anion mist allows deep penetration into the dermis layer providing various benefits for cell renewal and alleviating skin complexion.

Step 1: It begins with an assessment of your skin concerns and needs by one of our highly trained medical aestheticians.

Step 2: We then incorporate all of the steps of the Hydra facial customized to your skin needs before proceeding with the Astrodome. 

Step 3: The Astrodome includes deep cleansing of the pores by using anion + oxygen scaling technique and at the same time stimulates skin renewal, blood purification, and strengthening of the skin barrier. The full Astrodome facial features a total care for facial, neck, and scalp intense care treatment at once.

A $100 deposit is required to reserve your appointment. The remaining balance will be collected after your service is completed. Need to cancel or reschedule? Please review our cancellation policy for more information.

Duration:90 mins
Payment Option:Deposit